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We offer proprietary sales and business consulting services as well as sales and business training programs. Our systems and techniques were developed by top producing professionals. These top producers were from Fortune 100 companies (AT&T, Best Buy, Wells Fargo, IBM), and many other Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies (Allied Waste Industries, TRW, Waste Management). Our sales and business techniques are proven to deliver results.

The Braid Corporation are recognized experts in the fields of: Sales, Marketing, Cost Reduction, Business Operations, and Business Management.

We are regularly featured in the media:

Sales Consulting. Sales Training. Sales Analytics.
Our sales consulting services and training programs educate salespeople and sales forces how to target the organization's most profitable prospects and customers. We address target sales and teach salespeople how to maximize their time and efforts to generate more sales and revenue. We show them how to target market and to target prospects in various ways using our systems to achieve results. We also identify the organizations real and sellable competitive advantages. We then address the importance of sales cycles and strategic partnerships. We also work with your sales team to polish their consultative sales skills ensuring they are capitalizing on cross selling opportunities. We also address the importance of the sales funnel and sales funnel management to avoid the peaks and valleys of any economy. Our proven sales tactics and systems work both in the short term and long term and are guaranteed to yield results. Our proven techniques and sales systems are how the top producers sell. Let us make your sales team, a team of top producers.

Business Consulting. Cost Reduction Services. Business Training Programs.
Our business management and operations programs offer a variety of ways that organizations can become more productive and profitable. We focus on budget discipline, and on the use or implementation of repeatable systems. We work with organizations to ensure that they are enjoying the profits that they are working for, and not their vendors. These programs are no non-sense, repeatable, and easy to use. Thus, making the implementation process painless. These programs are guaranteed to yield results for years to come.

We work with organizations of all sizes and in all industries. We currently offer our services through out the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Give us a call and find out how we can help you!

Our Newest Programs!
Our programs are affordable on any budget. Contact us for more information on our services or for specific program pricing, a list of all the programs we offer, or for pricing on a taylored program. We are currently offering special discounts, contact us to learn more!
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Sales and Marketing: Large Corporations

Sales: Small Business and Entrepreneurs

Marketing: Small Business and Entrepreneurs

Business Operations: Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Customer Service: Large Corporations

Customer Service: Small to Medium Sized Businesses

What some of our clients say:
"The Braid Corporation has helped my sales force out tremendously. I no longer stay awake at night wondering how we are going to make our quotas. I would recommend them to any business."
- Brian, Sales and Service Industry

"The Braid Corporation helped to take my business to a whole new level. They understand business and know what it takes to make it profitable. They gave me the systems to continue to make my business grow."
-Jim, Technology Industry

"The best business decision we made this year was working with The Braid Corporation. They have exceeded our expectations. We have worked with other consulting firms, but we never got the results like this. I give them my highest recommendation. "
-Andrea, Health Care Industry

"They helped my management team to understand the whole picture. They supplied us with the understanding that we needed. Since working with them we have increased profits by 39 percent!"
-Jake, Construction Industry

"I really didnt know what to expect. However, what they showed me in sales and marketing was solid gold. There is no way I could have made the contacts or sold the product I have without them. In addition, they showed me how to get my website up and gain market presence too!"
-Jon, Manufacturing Industry

"They took my small business and helped me grow it to a pretty sizable company."
-Susanne, Service Industry

Our Goal
Your Success.
We are consultants, advisors, and providers of programs in sales, marketing, business management, business operations, customer service, cost management to all types of organizations. Our clientele is very diverse, but our goal is always the same, to help our clients succeed. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the blueprint they need to achieve success now and in the future.

Sound Fundamentals
We believe that using sound fundamentals along with the right tools and systems will garner long term repeatable success. The founders of The Braid Corporation found that there was not a comprehensive system for success. We establish our programs so they are built on good fundamentals. We then expand on those fundamentals further, and identify the success principles in each area.

The founders spent over 15 years studying, learning, developing, and then practicing these fundamentals and success principles. We have poured through hundreds of books, attended classes, and met with top professionals. While many had one or two good lessons, they did not reveal what it would take on a whole to be successful.

We studied all of the data. We tested our work on many different organizations to identify the core fundamentals and tools needed to operate a successful business or organization. Once these areas were identified, we created our programs to give any organization these same tools. After the creation of our programs we decided we needed to make this information public and that is when The Braid Corporation was created.

We know that the complicated, complex models are recipes for disaster and failure. We have witnessed the disaster these complex models can yield over the past few years. That is why we are committed to keeping it simple and understandable. We have broken down the business model into a few fundamental areas. Then we identified what is crucial for success in each of those areas. With that information, we have laid out systems that are easy to comprehend and implement into any organization, regardless of size or type.

We know that utilizing these solid fundamentals and  our success principles will increase the likelihood of long term success in every organization. Following these fundamentals and principles and we will guarantee results.

There is no stronger advocate for your success than The Braid Corporation. Give us a call or send us an email so we can learn more about how we can help you and your organization.

Free Downloads. Downloads of Tools, Chapters, and Lessons on How to Help Grow and Manage Businesses and Organizations. Some of these lessons are from an upcoming book authored by one of the founders of The Braid Corporation.

Your information will not be shared with any third parties. You will only receive the "Chapters and Lessons" and emails from The Braid Corporation.


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