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About Us

Our Story

The Braid Corporation was founded with a belief in strong fundamentals. It became apparent to the founders of The Braid Corporation that there was not a comprehensive system that laid out the good fundamentals and success principles for businesses and other entities to follow to become successful. We studied and worked in businesses to determine the principles and tools needed to operate a successful business. The founders spent over 15 years developing, studying, learning, and practicing these fundamentals and success principles. They poured through hundreds of business books and teachings. And while many had one or two good lessons, they did not lay out what it would take on a whole to be successful. That is when The Braid Corporation was created.

We have broken the business model down into a few fundamental areas. Then we identified what is crucial for success in each of those areas. We have laid out an easy to comprehend system and can show organizations how to implement these principles. These fundamentals and principles guarantee results. We know that complicated, complex models are recipes for disaster and failure. That is why we stick with tried and true principles and fundamentals. We know that using solid fundamentals and principles will increase the likelihood of long term success in every organization.

There is no stronger advocate for your success than The Braid Corporation. We know that we have the right fundamentals and principles for success. Give us a call or send us a email so we can learn more about how we can help you and your organization.

The Braid Corporation are recognized experts in sales and business management and we are regularly featured in the media:

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