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In Addition to our other services we have just added some new programs!
Below are our newest programs!
We offer many other programs that are not listed at a variety of prices. Please contact us for program pricing. We are currently offering discounts on new programs and discounts on multiple program purchases.

 Sales and Marketing: Large Corporations
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In this program we work with many departments to ensure congruency and focus on the common goal of increasing revenue. We work with the marketing department, information technology department, the management teams, and the sales force to help them identify their roles in acheiving the goals. We use proven techniques and implement a repeatable process that enures all departments are working in concert with one another towards the common goal of increased revenue and profits. This program will focus on the sales force and will help them to identify key markets and partners to ensure the time of the sales team is on track and productive.  This program also addresses the role of the organization's website. We work with the different departments to ensure that the organization's message is on point and that it is gaining web presence (both locally and nationally) and that the leads generated from the website are captured and transitioned to the sales force. We help them streamline their process, implement time saving systems so that the departments are able to meet the demands of doing more with less. This program is proven to increase revenue and has the highest return on investment compared to any other program offered. 

Sales: Small Business and Entrepreneurs
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This program is geared for small businesses. The program ensures that the valuable time spent selling is being productive and yielding results regardless of industry or profession. This program will increase sales in both the short term and long term. We use proven sales techniques and systems that will help small businesses continue to be competitive in a struggling economy. This program will address prospecting, customer identification, time management, how form a network that produces multiple sales with little effort, and the management and forecasting of sales. 

Marketing: Small Business and Entrepreneurs
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In this program we will teach small businesses how to market themselves successfully and on a budget. This program will address marketing techniques, material, market identification, and programs and systems easily implemented and affordable that will ensure future or gained market presence. This program also deals with company's websites, website creation and how to increase sales from the web driven traffic.

Business Operations: Small to Medium Sized Businesses
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This program addresses how to successfully operate and increase profits in your business. All of which can usually be done with your current revenue stream. We address the importance of budgets and help to identify waste. We will get your company running lean and profitable. We will implement systems that increase overall profits for the company now and into the future.

Customer Service: Large Corporations and Organizations
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This program addresses how to improve customer service. In today's economy if corporations and organizations want to sell their product/service more than on price, they need to deliver on customer service. We will address ways to improve customer service from the sales call to delivery.

Customer Service: Small to Medium Sized Businesses
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This program is designed for the small to medium sized businesses to educate and improve on thier customer service.  Many of these organizations survival depends on the personal touch they deliver. We work with them to implement systems to ensure that the personal touch stays while the company grows. We work with them to develop ways that the customer service attitude becomes woven into the culture of the organization.

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