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The Braid Corporation is success and results orientated. We work with all types of organizations. We provide consulting services to organizations of all sizes and in almost every industry.
We offer a full package of consulting services with programs that address all of the fundamentals and success principles in business. We also offer smaller partial packages that can be customized to address just one or two areas of focus. We offer our services throughout North American and can arrange for services abroad.

We can work in many different capacities depending on the needs of the organizations we work with. We offer services on a per hour basis, a fee basis, per project basis, or in some cases on a percentage basis. We will work with you to customize a solution that is right for you.

Upon the request of our best clients The Braid Corporation now offers a variety of programs to assist organizations. We have programs specially designed for large organizations all the way to the entrepreneur and the start up firm. The programs address many areas of business and are garenteed to get results. Please visit our 
Programs Offered page to learn how we can help you.


The Braid Corporation will also assist your organization as a long term advisor. There are a variety of options for our advisory clients. We can work in an advisory role that will help your organization navigate all the uncertainties organizations are faced with today and in the future.

We create long term relationships and partnerships with our clients who choose to work with us in an advisory capacity. We advise them in the fundamental areas and advise them on making good long term decisions.

The Braid Corporation provides speaking presentations and workshops. We address the subjects of sales, marketing, business operations, customer service, entrepreneurship, and general business principles. We help to simplify the complexities of business. We break these areas down to easy understandable terms. This gives you the formulas and systems that can be used and implemented and easily executed by you or your teams. 

We have just added workshops to educate management teams, newly appointed managers, and entrepreneurs to give them the fundamentals and principles for success.
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